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Today I’ll be reviewing a white tea from the Mt Kenya Region of Kenya.



Hello! I’m back after a few days of being very busy working (gotta pay for all of the hei cha I consume). Today I’m reviewing a white tea from the East African nation of Kenya.

This tea comes from the Kangaita Tea Factory located on the foothills of Mt. Kenya. The factory, according to What-Cha, is fair-trade certified and they specialize in purple tea.

The factory processes tea coming from 6,594 small tea growers from across Kenya, and the farmers democratically elect the heads of the factory which I think is pretty cool.

I brewed this tea in a ceramic gaiwan at 194 degrees Fahrenheit.


The dry leaves smell crisp, fresh, and fruity with notes of sweet wildflower honey and the floral-fruity scent reminiscent of fresh peony flowers.


The steeped leaves smell a lot darker, and almost like a black tea as malty, stone fruit notes come through.

The tea itself smells a lot like a second-flush Darjeeling black tea – retaining the leaves’ malty, black tea notes while also exhibiting its white tea, honey and peony flavors.

The tea is fairly light in texture and very smooth. It’s not abrasive at all and it goes down easy. The first taste is a sweet honey flavor with notes of wild grass that reminds me of a meadow in the summer – fresh, crisp, and sweet. That later evolves into a slightly malted flavor that tastes remarkably similar to black teas from Nepal, Sikkim, or Darjeeling. A second steep brings out some stronger vegetal flavors with a more intense malty punch, and with each steep more black tea flavors come through.

Overall, this was an excellent tea and I will be definitely purchasing a lot more of this to add to my personal collection. This was my first African tea, and I’m very pleasantly surprised and I am definitely going to do a bit more research into teas from other African countries like Malawi and Rwanda.

Rating: 9.5/10
From: What-Cha
Kangaita Tea Factory, Mt Kenya Region, Central Province, Kenya