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Today I’ll be reviewing a Baozhong oolong tea from Taiwan.



Hello! I’ve just received several tea orders so I’m super excited to try everything, and one of the teas I was most excited to try was this.

I would say that oolong tea is the tea category that I know the least about, as I was never really into oolong teas until recently. I have loved most oolongs that I’ve tried, though.

My favorite oolongs are Taiwanese light oolongs, which are the least oxidized out of oolong teas. I find lighter oolongs to be more floral which is why I love them so much.

This tea is a baozhong (pouchong) oolong from Nantou County, Taiwan which is the second-largest county in Taiwan and the only landlocked county.

Baozhong tea is quite interesting as it is often considered to be the middle ground between green tea and oolong tea. It’s one of the most popular teas in Taiwan and it’s often blended with rose.


The dry leaves smell very strongly floral and almost melon-like. The floral scent is reminiscent of hyacinth or lilacs, and it’s a scent that I usually associate with lightly-oxidized oolongs such as this one.


The steeped leaves smell a lot like the dry leaves, however steeping them brings out some more grassy and vegetal notes that are reminiscent of a lighter Chinese green like a tai ping hou kui.

The tea itself smells a lot like flowers with just a touch of the vegetal scent that was noticeable in the steeped leaves.

The first steep is very light and floral, and the color of the tea is absolutely stunning (I love light teas like that). It’s very smooth and almost creamy in its texture. The floral flavor is a lot like the smell – very reminiscent of lilacs. There is a small hint of astringency after the flavor comes through, but overall it’s very gentle. The second steep is even smoother, and it retains its flora flavor while also introducing a vegetal, green note that is analogous to the smell of the steeped leaves.

Overall, this is a wonderful tea and I think it will be a great addition to my tea collection (since I bought 100g). I will definitely be searching for more Taiwanese oolongs to review as I want to expand my horizons a little.

Rating: 8.5/10
From: What-Cha
Nantou County, Taiwan